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Snow Ballin’ on the Bang Wagon

On episode 2 of the new season on ReVolver, the crew shares Winter Snow Bomb 2018 stories—like how Rachel La Loca greeted at the door, Jaime getting closer to Amazon’s Alexa, Bago’s meme wormhole, and Frank finding heat in his home appliances.

Jaime’s Bochinche Bites uncovers why Selena let GOmez of the accounts she followed on Instagram, the penis whitening craze, and how our very own “EGOT” Rita Moreno, got snubbed in the NY Times and more.  

The newly named “Frankspiracy News” sheds buzz on a dildo that had secret audio recording devices within.

Bago and Loca go head-to-head in the first installment of the “Who Knows Most About the Host” gameshow, hosted by JFernz. Check out who wins and has to buy the loser brunch at the restaurant of their choice!

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