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Tiburon Tank with John Henry & Ian Lara

On the fourth episode of season five, Rachel gets caught off guard with a video conference call, Bago adds “reporter” to his repertoire, and Jerry “Elmo DiFoca” Diaz fills in for Jaime and redeems both his name and his prize from the “LOLEopardy” episode last season. 

On this week’s “Bochinche Bites”, Jerry exposes his super bowl halftime show recap and how Liam Neesen sought to kill a black man to avenge the rape of a friend.

On this week’s “Frankspiracy News”, Frank reports on the ICE arrest and pending deportation of 21 Savage and the how the Trump administration has made yet another target very clear. 

The crew interviews “Forbes 30 Under 30” venture investor, John Henry. He shares his story of going from doorman to opening doors for business owners in Harlem, NYC. Check out his new show “Hustle” on Viceland, Sundays at 9 PM.

The Que lo Que Quickie features Comedy Central comedian, Ian Lara and we hear all about his Afro Latino stand up clip that recently went viral. 








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