Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE | 1st Official Look & Stills Of Benedict Cumberbatch

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"Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE | 1st Official Look & Stills Of Benedict Cumberbatch"

CL Nation, in true Marvel fashion, their itsy, bitsy drops of MCU’s life is what captivates us all in one way, shape, or form. Pretty much granting Entertainment Weekly 1st class treatment, today EW shook the comic cinematic universe once again by unveiling the first, official look at Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange in their forthcoming magazine cover.

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Doctor Strange 1st Look

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DOCTOR STRANGE is based on the Marvel Comics character created by Stan Lee and artist Steve Ditko. Stephen Strange beset by demons controlled by apprentice sorcerer Karl Mordo, but was rescued by Mordo’s mentor, the Ancient One, a millennia-old sorcerer who protected the Earth dimension as its Sorcerer Supreme, a role Strange was destined to inherit.

He offered himself as a disciple to the Ancient One, who accepted, having known of Mordo’s treachery all along. The Ancient One spent years instructing Strange in the art of sorcery, teaching him how to tap the innate mystic powers of both himself and the world around him.

Marvel’s DOCTOR STRANGE is set for release November 4, 2016

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