‘The Zombie Apocalypse’ Gives Birth To Vampires!

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"‘The Zombie Apocalypse’ Gives Birth To Vampires!"
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Expressed loud and clear by ‘Scouts’ star Joey Morgan, “If Donald Trump can run for president, zombies can walk the earth.”

I have to agree with him. Although a little farfetched, we live in an age where the unexpected has risen. Seriously, with the amount of figuratively (or literally) speaking brain-dead individuals we’ve encountered throughout our lives, I think it’s fair to say zombies in fact DO exist. But that’s a whole other topic in itself.

The common denominator here is zombie madness in terms of Hollywood. Zombies have made a horrifying, hard return. It seems like they’ll be around for a long time, and adding to their resume for fans all over the world, ‘Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse’ adds just a tad more, with unique, over-the-top silliness – and that’s what makes it fun!

With the exception of a handful of horror-comedies I’ve enjoyed, I’m huge on keeping both genres kosher. But, ‘Scouts’ had the ability to creatively blend both and make it horrifyingly charming. The outcome? If ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Superbad’ did the nasty, ‘Scouts’ would be their R-rated lovechild.

Having been granted some time with cast members Sarah Dumont, Joey Morgan, and Logan Miller… The process of what looks fun IS, but has its unwelcoming tediousness.

“We were all vampires,” recalls Dumont. “I had a great time doing everything. The only thing I did not like doing when we were filming is we had very long hours. And we filmed at night. So, I had to sleep during the day when the sun was glaring. My dog would want to go out and all I wanted to do was sleep. That was the only negative. Shooting at night. But I had a great time doing everything. I love doing action. I love doing comedies. I had a fun time the whole time.”

Miller also expresses the same. “There was really no downside other than the tedious long hours. I know it’s a zombie film, but we turned into vampires.” However, hard work pays off and the plus side to this is, “… the opportunity to be in a film of this magnitude was really great.”

With much work to be done for the project, the day-to-day schedule was full of outstanding comradery and what some may consider surprises. “We shot it on the same camera they’d done ‘Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones’ on. That was interesting to learn,” mentions Morgan. Much of those added surprises were also evenly elevated when working with a fine-tuned director like Chris Landon. Morgan mentions, “Chris Landon is the coolest director you want to work with. He has a lot of experience in the horror genre in general and a lot of talent in that trade. He’s genuinely a really funny person. And that translates really well.”

How well? “He’s the Zen master on set,” as per Dumont.

And as the Zen master on set, one can’t argue that he’s no slouch. The man’s got a solid, spooky resume. ‘Scouts’ is just another notch on his belt, but of course… the final reaction is yours once it hits theaters Friday, Oct. 30th

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As usual, below I provide what I call rawdio. If interested in listening to what else the stars of ‘Scouts’ have to say about their involvement with the film, enjoy the uncut phoner interview from Wednesday, Oct. 21st

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