Alejandro Edda opens up on role of JORGE OCHOA in AMERICAN MADE!

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"Alejandro Edda opens up on role of JORGE OCHOA in AMERICAN MADE!"
L to R | BARRY SEAL (Tom Cruise) and JORGE OCHOA (Alejandro Edda) discuss business in AMERICAN MADE. | © 2017 Universal Pictures

Performance pleasantries come in many ways, shapes, and forms. Unique and vibrant, Latino actors have been taking Hollywood by storm during the last decade or so. Making their mark on all platforms, the swag is solid and it seems there’s no end in sight.

One of those from that talented, raw, roster of actors is Alejandro Edda. The Mexican-born actor has been honing his craft for quite some time now. Giving his all with a wide range of training, the man’s landed quite well in Tinsel Town. Having landed roles in TV shows like AMC’s FEAR THE WALKING DEAD, FOX’s LETHAL WEAPON, and FX’s THE BRIDGE (to name a couple), he’s no stranger to films either. He’s in an upcoming film starring Catherine Zeta-Jones set for 2018, but his latest in AMERICAN MADE starring Tom Cruise, Edda tackles what may be his most interesting role yet.

Now playing the role of JORGE OCHOA, a former Colombian drug trafficker who was one of the key founding members of the notorious Medellín Cartel in the late 1980s, AMERICAN MADE follows the true story of one of Ochoa’s closest allies in Barry Seal (played by Tom Cruise), a pilot who lands work for the CIA and through chaotic cause, also becomes a drug runner in the south during the 1980s.

I had the privilege to talk to Edda about the film and his role recently. “Blessed to have a team of good managers,” recalls Edda when starting off on the origins of having landed his role. Going through the grueling process many actors experience, he nailed it. “Picked from one audition,” he says after a Tom Cruise seal of approval, post watching a tape as Edda breaks down into full JORGE OCHOA.

AMERICAN MADE | © 2017 Universal Pictures

Never having met the real Ochoa, deep research was mandatory. Having spent some time in Colombia as well, he recalls how, “Colombians don’t want to talk about it. They don’t want to talk to you about that.” Who could blame them, really? It’s not like it’s the best kind of history anyone would pride themselves with.

What he did gather about Ochoa is that there was a humanistic aspect behind the kingpin. One who’s “a devout Catholic, smart, and a family man.” Coming from humbleness, the Ochoa family (as a whole) were very private individuals. Never seeking the limelight, Edda did what he could with as much information he was able to gather from articles and videos and images – of which there wasn’t much of.

My participation was two months,” he mentions and was in total surrealistic awe once principal photography started. Having done his work to portray JORGE OCHOA as best he could, the overall feeling was absolute bliss the first day he started shooting with Tom Cruise. I learned a lot from him,” says Edda.

The film turned out well and Alejandro Edda’s performance was just as charming and vibrant as anything else he’s done. More on his work with AMERICAN MADE can be heard below in my raw, uncut interview with Alejandro Edda. Digging more within himself and overall scope of the film and role, this is a man you really want to keep an eye on in the coming years.

AMERICAN MADE opens Friday, September 29!

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