Baguul Sends Twins of Terror To Pay Me A Visit!

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"Baguul Sends Twins of Terror To Pay Me A Visit!"

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CL Nation, in support and celebration of National Twins Day (August 7th), Baguul sent a pair of his demented twins to pay me a visit and deliver a special box!

Fitting for its environment, NYC is a place full of oddities, so Tweedle Creep and Tweedle Haunt fit right in and I embraced their presence.

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Oh, my… What’s in the box?

I’ve worked up my sinister self to open the the box. With any luck, I’ll be sucked into the world of Baguul and serve as a henchman. One that corrupts innocent souls and lures them into a sinkhole of horror.

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As a man who accepts the purity of evil, I’m very thankful and invoke the almighty God of angels with charred wings.

More twin terror!

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SINISTER 2 – In theaters August 21st, 2015

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