Cine+Mas presents two Latin American films in partnership with SF Indie Fest

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"Cine+Mas presents two Latin American films in partnership with SF Indie Fest"

2001: While Kubrick was in Space by director Gabriel Nicoli

2016, Argentina, 76 min, North American Premiere
Roxie Feb 11, 5p; Alamo Feb 12, 915p

Stanley Kubrick imagined the year 2001 to be a technological world, but for Buenos Aires that same year meant the worst financial crisis in their history. Three teenage friends tormented by their uncertain future decide to avoid reality and escape from everything on a road trip in a stolen pink car. During their odyssey, they’ll have to confront their fears, knowing that adulthood is waiting just around the corner. Gabriel Nicoli’s debut feature is an unexpected pop vision of a damaged country- a place where Kubrick lives on as a god.


Kill Me Please by Anita Rocha da Silveira

2016, Brazil, 101 min, Northern California Premiere
Roxie Feb 12, 715p; Alamo Feb 16, 630p

The classic coming-of-age premise “You guys wanna go see a dead body?” from Stand By Me gets an update and twist as fifteen-year-old Bia becomes obsessed with a series of unsolved murders and the graveyard Facebook pages of the victims. Drawn into the world of darkness, she finds more in common with the dead girls than her own group of friends. Visually alluring, it’s a refreshing, unapologetic love letter to melancholic curiosity, something every teen passes through.

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