CITY OF DEAD MEN – Exclusive Clip & Official Trailer

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"CITY OF DEAD MEN – Exclusive Clip & Official Trailer"


CITY OF DEAD MEN follows Michael (Diego Boneta), a young American tourist running away from his own demons as he journeys throughout South America. He has depleted his funds and must resolve his situation soon. He arrives in Medellin, Colombia and meets Melody (Maria Mesa), a strikingly attractive native who knows the ins-and-outs of the city, and connects him to a mob of mysterious misfits led by Jacob (Jackson Rathbone). They reside in an abandoned psychiatric hospital for children on the outskirts of the city, and offer Michael their friendship and shelter. Michael accepts, however, he soon begins to uncover the horror that occurred in the hospital and the looming sense of dread that his new friends are encroaching upon him. The misfits believe themselves to be immortal, testing their limits every single day, and placing their lives at risk – all while pulling Michael into their dangerous dynamic. Will it be too late for Michael to make it out alive?

MEETING MELODY (Exclusive Clip)


City of Dead Men opens in select theaters and VOD on December 16, and available for pre-order now

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