CUTTING CREW – A Quick Shape-Up With Award-Winning Barber Amit Corso

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"CUTTING CREW – A Quick Shape-Up With Award-Winning Barber Amit Corso"

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CL Nation, did you know there’s a vibe within the outskirts of Philly that takes the art of reality TV to another level?

We’ve seen and/or are aware of just about every single form of reality TV known to man-kind. However, piquing a different kind of interest is “Cutting Crew.”

Hip, fun, and different!

The original El Rey series centers on award-winning barber Amit Corso and his rowdy crew at their shop, where they execute edgy cuts while finding plenty of time to horse-play, bicker, and debate each other.

Leading his crew of crazies, “there’s a time and place for everything” expresses Amit when discussing the show’s divide between shits-and-giggles and professionalism.

Discovered via Facebook (yes, you read correctly) by a production company, Amit mentions of many meetings that pertained to “site interviews,” a “sign-up with a talent agreement,” and shooting pilot before production company went “shopping around to different networks and El Rey ended up picking up the show.”

Discovering, starting, and continuing his love for the art of cutting hair at the age of fifteen through the present, “You can never really master anything about hair. I’ll never be perfect, but every day I can try to get to that point.”

Amit follows by saying “waking up every day I don’t feel I have a job because I love it so much.”

Having made his barber(ic) appearances and sweeping contest after contest through the East Coast (I.e. NYC, Boston, Delaware, Atlants, Jersey, and Philly), it was inevitable this man would find success beyond comprehension. With a solid resume and strong following, “a lot of our clients thought it was cool” he expresses when word got around about “Cutting Crew.”

From landing sponsorships and tapped to design cuts that would define styles, El Rey has rattled a cage in terms of how much fun and interesting reality TV can actually be!

Amit Corso and his “Cutting Crew” define it by shaping it up to the fullest!

Airing its entire first season on 4.11 on El Rey, more details on the show can be found by clicking here.

For more of my in-depth, uncut interview with Amit, click on the SoundCloud clip below…

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