All Eyez on Me Trailer 2016

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"All Eyez on Me Trailer 2016"

If you are a fan of the Golden Era of Hip-Hop then you will know and admire the enigma that was and still is Tupac.  I have to admit that for most of his career, I really didn’t pay too much attention to his music outside of the singles he would put out. Maybe it was my bias against the west coast not being lyrical enough for my ears – who knows.  Sadly it wasn’t until I heard the Makaveli album that I wasn’t like – WOAH! Now I found myself going back to his older stuff and realizing what millions and millions of other people already knew. That Tupac was the truth!

Now you fast forward decades and his impact on everything from politics, hiphop culture, pop culture and those crazy “Pac is living in Cuba rumors live on. He is an Icon in all respects and I hope that this All Eyez on Me Movie does him justice.

Here is the trailer to All Eyez on Me