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"Fiesta Broadway 2015"

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FIESTA BROADWAY 2015, the largest Latino event in the nation’s largest Hispanic market, is an annual event that brings hundreds of thousands of people to Downtown Los Angeles every year for a day of music, food, and family fun!.

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This year, attendees were in for a special treat, as some of this year’s most anticipated films were present, to the delight of fans of all ages.

Summer 2015 Pixels

PIXELS, in theaters July 24th, featured a retro arcade that offered festival goers a chance to play six classic games and a chance to become an official “arcader.” Attendees were also given coveted PIXELS glasses.
Summer 2015 Hotel Transylvania
HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2, in theaters September 25th, was also on hand as Dracula, Frank, Murray, Jonathan, and Mavis took group photos with excited families and children throughout the day.
Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation - Fate
MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – ROGUE NATION, in theaters July 31, was also present with a thrilling movie-themed activation. Attendees were strapped in a MISSION IMPOSSIBLE bungee jump fit for an action hero.