LOS COWBOYS – Season 1 Trailer & Behind-The-Scenes Images

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"LOS COWBOYS – Season 1 Trailer & Behind-The-Scenes Images"

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On January 26, 2015 Hulu will be taking audiences for a ride in the premiere of the real-life Latino dramedy series, LOS COWBOYS. The half-hour English-language reality series follows the lives of young and ambitious Latinos who are pursuing stardom and most importantly respect, in the Mexican tradition field of Charreria (Mexican rodeo) as they juggle their families and careers while living in the United States.

“Los Cowboys,” an English-language, half-hour reality series from Corral 360, which will premiere exclusively on Hulu. “Los Cowboys” follows the lives of a group of Latino/a urban charros (Mexican cowboys) from Los Angeles and their quest to gain respect as bona fide ch

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LOS COWBOYS debuts on Hulu January 26th, 2015! 

rros and earning a slot in the Mexican Rodeo finals.