Magicians: Life in the Impossible – Available Now on Vod

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"Magicians: Life in the Impossible – Available Now on Vod"
How much are you willing to sacrifice for your dream?
MAGICIANS follows four very different professional magicians on stage and off, exploring how and why these characters so passionately dedicate their lives to the artistry and craft of illusion: from the most humbling of road gigs to the grandest performances on the biggest of stages; to finding love to terrible personal loss; and, most dramatically, to the prospect of losing everything for the one constant in their lives: magic.
As we come to understand why each is pursuing his own dream, we’ll discover the greatest secret that has been hidden right before our eyes all along: far more fascinating than the magic are the
magicians themselves.
MAGICIANS features the following performers:
1. Winner of the Close Up Magician Award of the Year and Chairman of the Board of Trustees at the world-famous Magic Castle, Jon Armstrong
2. Johnny Carson’s favorite magician and entertainer to the stars, Brian Gillis
3. David Minkin, award-winning magician who is pushing the boundaries of magic on TV
4. German Illusionist Jan Rouven and his manager and partner Frank Alfter , conquering the Las Vegas Strip and aiming to become the successors to Siegfried and Roy.
MAGICIANS was filmed over four years with unprecedented access at the Magic Castle in Los Angeles, behind the scenes in Las Vegas, the magicians’ homes and wherever their journeys took
them. Exciting , uplifting, and with broad audience appeal, the film explores how these magicians have persisted with their art form, and prevailed.
MAGICIANS is directed and produced by Marcie Hume and Christoph Baaden. The film is executive produced by Glen Zipper, Greg Stikeleather, Doug Blush and Lance Burton.