Mma Documentary Trailer Featuring Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones, Georges St-pierre, Holly Holm & Chuck Liddell

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"Mma Documentary Trailer Featuring Ronda Rousey, Jon Jones, Georges St-pierre, Holly Holm & Chuck Liddell"
The Hurt Business
Directed and penned by Vlad Yudin (GENERATION IRON, JEREMY SCOTT: THE PEOPLE’S DESIGNER), helmed by Yudin and Edwin Mejia of The Vladar Company with Oscar® winner Jim Czarnecki (FAHRENIHET 9/11, BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE), THE HURT BUSINESS(opens everywhere at the end of September 2016), a follow-up to critically acclaimed feature, GENERATION IRON; a film which left an impact on the world of bodybuilding and now Yudin plans to do the same to the sport of MMA. Extending beyond the octagon and taking a deeper look into what life is really like within the world of MMA, the film follows the daily lives of UFC Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones, former UFC light-heavyweight championRashad “Suga” Evans and female phenomena Ronda Roussey, former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion; current UFC bantamweight champ Holly Holm, who defeated Rousey, will also appear. Along with a look at their day to day lives, the film will examine how the sport went from being shunned as barbaric to the popular, celebrity-creating entertainment operation it is today.
The film also features other top names in the sport including Chuck Liddell, Tito Ortiz, Georges St-Pierre, Kenny Florian, Urijah Faber, Ken Shamrock, Bas Rutten, Josh Barnett and many more. Through the telling of their experiences, the complete history and culture of MMA is explored in a more expansive way than ever before. Additionally, contributions from leading psychologists, neurologists and sociologists as well as government officials analyze the grim prevalence of brain trauma and the implications of MMA’s increased popularity, and what it means for our society. How a sport that has until recently been illegal and referred to as “human cock-fighting” became accepted, and even glamorized by the mainstream culture.
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Yudin, who founded The Vladar Company in 2008 along with producer Edwin Mejia, directed, produced and penned the script for the 2013 critically acclaimed bodybuilding documentary GENERATION IRON in addition to the coming of age feature LAST DAY OF SUMMER (2009), starring DJ Qualls (Hustle & Flow) and actress Nikki Reed (Twilight). The Vladar Company is a premiere media and entertainment company, that caters to the market’s growing need for entertainment content across multiple platforms and focuses on developing, financing and packaging a library of intellectual properties with its producing partners at leading Hollywood production studios. The company is becoming a leading producer of many genres and multiple mediums in domestic and international markets (