Movie Review: The Perfect Match

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"Movie Review: The Perfect Match"


Charlie (Terrence J) is a soon-to-be 30 year old bachelor living the life and working for one of the biggest entertainment agencies in Los Angeles. He can’t commit to a relationship because he considers it DEAD. His small circle of friends are either engaged or married and they are tired of him sleeping with countless women. Charlie loves photography and not only uses it as a career aspiration, but to lure women. His Therapist sister Sherry (Paula Patton) is tired of meeting him for juice dates and wants to have real life conversations about love. His best friend Ginger (Lauren London) along with friends Victor (Robert Christopher Riley), Rick (Donald Faison), and Pressie (Dascha Polanco) have tried to set him up on dates with their friends, but he sees it as a DEAL BREAKER.

Victor and Rick make a bet with Charlie that he can’t commit to a relationship for one month. He accepts it and thinks nothing will come out of it. He meets the beautiful but mysterious Eva (Cassie Ventura) while with his boys at a local juice spot and can’t take his eyes off of her. As Charlie pursues Eva, little does he know that the rules may have changed and he is tested by his own beliefs. Can Charlie stay monogamous or will he return to his old ways?

Rating: C
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Directed By: BillieWoodruff
Run Time: 1 hr. 36 min.
In Theaters: March 11, 2016 Everywhere