PROJECT ALMANAC – If you could go back in time, what would you redo?

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"PROJECT ALMANAC – If you could go back in time, what would you redo?"

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Seems like a simple question, right? But truth is it’s far more complicated than most think. I know, for me, there’s tons of stuff I’d like to redo. Obviously, if I did that, its Butterfly Effect would cause many different outcomes – one of them perhaps that may have led to my non-existence within this planet to be very honest. However, nevertheless, it’s a tempting idea that if ever made possible through extreme scientific studies and actions, I’m sure many would like to hop on the bandwagon and take advantage of.

Therefore, in support and anticipation to PROJECT ALMANAC (1.30.15), I’d like to say if I could go back and change something about my life, it’d have to be being a lot more empathetic about certain things and people in my life. To this day when I reminisce on all the people that have come in-and-out of my life, I really wish I had treated them with a little more respect and care, mainly women I dated. In my early twenties, I was in finance, made a lot of money, and basically ran around with a fearless and uncontrollable ego. Maybe it was youth, or perhaps the Le(g)o in me, but I lived my life as if I were way beyond the status of an alpha-male. I felt as if i were an actual lion. An apex-predator. Of course a lot of my immature behavior through time did lead to lots and lots of losses of which now at a much more mature age of forty I reflect on and wonder what would my life be right now if those same caring people from the past were still around. I know my level of friendships would be wider and a lot more sincere (than the ones I have around now), and perhaps I’d even be married as well. So, if I could go back and redo something, it would definitely be the change of attitude and heart towards a lot of people.

I was never into drugs or gang-banging or anything else that lower me or my standards as a person, just a cocky, overly-confident, egotistical prick. I did get to experience a lot in life because of my ways, but it burned me in others and for that, I’d love a PROJECT ALMANAC time machine to put a cease to it. Good news is I was humbled and really learned to not take things or others for granted!


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