A quick chat with ANNIE star David Zayas!

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"A quick chat with ANNIE star David Zayas!"

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ANNIE may very well be one of the most anticipated commercial films to be released this year. Its rich history has entertained grownups and children around the world for the past three decades. With lots of vibe and joy, it was inevitable a remake would emerge and here we are with not one (ANNIE ’99), but a second remake later with an upgrade in just about every single aspect of the story, including a dashing, diverse cast.

Mingling among ANNIE’s leads is a man whose line of work has evolved in an interesting way. We’ve seen him in shows like HBO’s OZ, Showtime’s DEXTER, FOX’s GOTHAM, features like THE EXPENDABLES, and the resume goes on and on.
In an interview I had with one of Hollywood’s leading Latinos, David Zayas digs deep within his acting roots. “OZ was a great opportunity. It was the first step getting me on the map. I owe that to Tom Fontana who wrote that amazing part for me.”

And putting him on the map it did!

David Zayas went from a guy who would be identified as just another cast-member in OZ, to becoming DAVID ZAYAS. A man with a name to accompany his image no matter what line of acting services he renders. In an effort to always lay down good work, “I try to do as much research as I can” expresses the native NYer from The Bronx.

Giving it his all and a break from his darker work on TV and films, ANNIE will serve as the “only thing I’ve done where my grand-kids can watch right away. It’s a family film that I’ve never done before.”

While “on set a lot for a good part of two months,” Zayas mentions how well ANNIE captures his native city. “We shot downtown. We shot in Harlem. It was really wonderful to be around the city. There’s nothing better than shooting in NY.”

With much enthusiasm and love for his latest work, David Zayas is more than just another man we see on screen. Digging deeper prior to Tinsel Town’s spotlight, David expresses interesting facts about his past that also contribute in helping him own every single character he’s portrayed and future ones as well.

My full interview with David Zayas can be heard in its rough, rugged entirety by clicking on the audio clip below. Enjoy!