Season X – Inspired by Charlie Villanueva – Alopecia Movie (KickStarter)

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"Season X – Inspired by Charlie Villanueva – Alopecia Movie (KickStarter)"

We usually tend to call most sports stars Hero’s and role models, but a true role model should be based on more than how many points they score, how good their dunk is, how fast they throw and so many other facets of sports that correlate.

Hero’s could be anyone. Role models can be anyone that does the right thing and shows the people around them how great they can be.

So when you look at someone like Charlie Villanueva, the NBA player, he exemplifies what a hero and a role model should be. Forget his jump shot or the way he plays. Let’s talk about his efforts to educate the world about Alopecia.  An auto immune disease that causes hair to fall out. Depending on the severity of it, you could have something as small as a quarter size patch of hair missing to having all the hair on your body fall out.

Villanueva also gives back to his nationality if you will by offering basketball clinics and opening up basketball courts in his mothers native city of Cabrera in the Dominican Republic.

Now he is close to raising the 50,000 needed to complete the documentary that he’s been trying to compete. His Kickstarter campaign currently has $45,832 of the $50,000 he is trying to raise alongside his brothers.

Check the video below and click on his KICKSTARTER campaign to donate.  As of 8:00 pm he has 10 hours to go