SELF/LESS | Featurette “Shedding”

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"SELF/LESS | Featurette “Shedding”"
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Check out a new featurette for SELF/LESS titled “Shedding” where we learn about the idea of transferring your consciousness to another body from the cast and our nation’s top neuroscientists.

In the film, Ben Kingsley’s character gets the chance at a new life.

In this strange, yet interesting psychological science fiction thriller, a wealthy man (Academy Award winner Sir Ben Kingsley) dying from terminal cancer undergoes a rather extreme medical procedure that transfers his consciousness into the body of a much healthier younger man (Ryan Reynolds). But all that shines isn’t platinum as he slowly uncovers the mystery of both the body’s origin via hallucinations that seem way too real, as well as the secret organization that will kill to protect their cause.

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