Teller’s War Doggin’ Tales!

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"Teller’s War Doggin’ Tales!"
WAR DOGS | © 2016 Warner Bros. Pictures

“War is an economy…” – David (Miles Teller)

You gotta put me in this movie,” says Miles Teller as he opens up to me regarding his approach upon WAR DOGS director Todd Phillips.

On the morning of August 7, I had a chance to sit and chat with the young actor-musician about WAR DOGS. Teller, 29, whose career has had quite a spark is commonly known for his sketchy, but enjoyable roles in the DIVERGENT series, as well as an aspiring drummer in WHIPLASH. As one of Hollywood’s hot commodities, the guy exposed his ins and outs wtih the film, opening Friday, August 19!

WAR DOGS is the story of two stoners out of Miami in their early 20s who weasel their way to becoming international arms dealers, leading them to bullshit their way into locking a $300 million deal with The Pentagon.

Based on a true story during the Iraq war, “traveling was tough,” recalls Teller. With a story that takes these guys around the globe, “when you’re shooting, it’s chaotic at times.” From Morocco to Poland, Vegas to Miami, and areas in between, piecing this comedy-drama had its pros and cons. But the end result is the ultimate pay-off. Teller’s time consumption had its perks. “As an audience member, it’s awesome because you get to see these guys in all these different countries. But it’s great. It was a trip.” 

Having worked with Todd Phillips before in PROJECT X, dealing with him on another level with WAR DOGS comes with much respect. Like most of Phillips’ movies, it’s always a bunch of guys making the strangest of decisions. Often times, bad. Taking their lives in unpleasant directions. WAR DOGS isn’t far from anything we’re not use to with Phillips, but its kudos comes from the fact that the film is [in fact] based on true events.

Is there exaggeration? Sure. What’s Hollywood without it? However, in the end, “It’s a director’s film,” states Teller. “They’re in charge.” Teller goes on to express how Phillips is a “polished filmmaker.” And with good reason as well. With a solid resume, it would be hard to believe Phillips wouldn’t have taken this movie and made it his own. Exposing the real guys couldn’t have been played any better than Hill and Teller did, with Teller as David, the more vulnerable and rational of the two. “A lot of what they did wasn’t illegal. There was a lot of grey area with this business structure.”

As a whole, the true story of these guys can be read on a 2011 Rolling Stone magazine article. (Click here) But, until you decide to do that (which I seriously recommend you do), it’s also a good idea to embark on one of the most unique and dangerous hustles ever in America through the eyes of Miles Teller! Listen to full, uncensored rawdio of my chat with Miles Teller as he digs deeper within his role, working with Jonah Hill and Bradley Cooper, working in North Africa, and his overall feeling regarding war profiteering.

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