Thoughtform – A Short Horror Film from ElfTree Media (kickstarter campaign)

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"Thoughtform – A Short Horror Film from ElfTree Media (kickstarter campaign)"

I have to admit that I love horror movies, but am creep’d out by horror movies that have either a religious tone or are based on “actual facts” that don’t overdo it.  This is one of those films.  Thoughtform is based on a true story about Olivia Mabel and after reading about the actual story, it gives me the creeps; which makes for a great horror movie!

Take a look at the short snippet of part of the movie and check out their kickstarter campaign. There’s something great about being part of a film.

A style teaser for an upcoming short film, written and produced by ElfTree Media.

Based on an unsolved mystery from 1994, a grieving Texas mother is terrorized after unleashing an entity she can’t control.

Directed by Martyn Eaden
Produced by Ian McNeny
Shot on the Sony A7S