Tribeca Film Festival Presents Mr. Church

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"Tribeca Film Festival Presents Mr. Church"

Tribeca Film Festival held its annual event in NYC featuring some of the most anticipated independent films. TFF was founded in 2002 after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center. The festival was established to celebrate NYC as a major film market and to allow international film community and the public to experience the power of film. On April 22, I attended my first festival after years of always wanting to go, but never had the chance. I attended the world premiere of Mr. Church starring Eddie Murphy and Britt Robertson at the SVA theatre. I did not expect nothing more or less of the festival. However, I think the paparazzi was way more excited than the public. They were all over the place trying to get into the action.

Mr. Church is a drama set in 1970s in Los Angeles about a single mother Marie Brody (Natasha McElhone) and daughter Charlie Brody (Britt Robertson) living in a small apartment. Charlie is a 10 year old girl who wakes up smelling cooked food and appears a mysterious man in her kitchen. Mr. Church (Eddie Murphy) is a stranger who was hired by Marie’s deceased ex-lover to take care of her for 6 months. Charlie is not happy and wants this stranger out of her house not knowing her mother is terminally ill and expected to live for 6 months. Mr. Church performs his daily duties at their home and is very reserved which not only makes Charlie curious, but grow to like him. The service that Mr. Church provides becomes permanent as it spans from 6 months to 12 years. He befriends Marie and Charlie turning into family which is something they never had.

Mr. Church is based on the life of writer Susan McMartin and shares life lessons about family, trust, faith, and love. It does not have an official release date, but it is expected to be released later this year. The cast minus Eddie Murphy did a Q&A after the film to discuss behind the scenes. Mr. Church was filmed within 24 days and Eddie Murphy was not the original actor to play the starring role. Morgan Freeman was the person of interest, but it conflicted with other projects. I think Eddie did a marvelous job and I couldn’t see anyone else playing the title character.

Rating: A
Genre: Drama
Directed By: Bruce Beresford
Run Time: 104 Minutes