U.S. Theatrical Release of Federico Veiroj’s THE APOSTATE, Opens September 9

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"U.S. Theatrical Release of Federico Veiroj’s THE APOSTATE, Opens September 9"


Breaking Glass Pictures has announced the U.S. theatrical release of Uruguayan film programmer-turned-director Federico Veiroj’s critically acclaimed The Apostate. This time shooting in Madrid, Veiroj channels the likeness of Luis Buñuel and Éric Rohmer in the existentialist tale of unlikely hero Gonzalo Tamayo’s (Álvaro Ogalla) quixotic quest to abandon the Catholic Church. The Apostate opens at Anthology Film Archives in New York City on Friday, September 9, followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and other cities, with a VOD and DVD release to follow on October 25.

The Apostate premiered at Toronto International Film Festival last year, and went on to play at numerous film festivals including New Directors/New Films, San Sebastian, Rotterdam, and Miami. The film stars Bárbara Lennie (star of the acclaimed Spanish Magical Girl), Marta Larralde, Vicky Peña and a breakout performance by Ogalla, a friend of Veiroj’s on whose life the script is loosely based and who co-scripted.

In love with his cousin, engaged in dubious errands for his crooked father, and struggling to complete one final credit for his university degree in philosophy, a seemingly lost Tamayo must establish who he truly is. In a quest to change the person he has been forced to become Tamayo’s opposition manifests itself in the increasingly quixotic mission of formally having his name struck from the Catholic church’s baptismal record.

A typically wry, bemused, yet sharply perceptive character study, The Apostatewill be available on the following VOD platforms starting October 25: iTunes, Amazon Instant, Google Play, Vudu, Blockbuster, and Cable VOD.

“Uruguayan director Federico Veiroj details one man’s attempts to leave the Catholic church with irony and a touch of Buñuel.” —Scott Tobias, Variety 

“Weighty matters, tackled with a wonderful lightness of touch.”
—Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter 


THE APOSTATE. (El apóstata) Spain/France/Uruguay, 2015, 80 min. In Spanish with English subtitles). Directed by: Federico Veiroj; Screenplay by: Gonzalo Delgado, Nicolas Saad, Alvaro Ogalla, Federico Veiroj; Camera: Arauco Hernandez; Editor: Fernando Franco; Production Designer: Gonzalo Delgado; Sound: Alvaro Silva, Daniel Yafalian; Line Producer: Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles. Produced by: Guadalupe Balaguer Trelles, Fernando Franco, Federico Veiroj, Maria Martin Stanley; Executive Producers: Trelles, Fernando Franco, Federico Veiroj; Starring: Alvaro Ogalla, Marta Larralde, Barbara Lennie, Vicky Pena, Kaiet Rodriguez, Juan Calot, Andres Gertrudix, Jaime Chavarri, Mercedes Hoyos.

About the Director: Born in Montevideo, Uruguay in 1976, filmmaker Federico Veiroj has a Degree on Social Communication -UCUDAL Uruguay/ VCU USA. He collaborated with Uruguay International Film Festival film program, which is organized by Cinemateca uruguaya. He also worked at the Spanish Film Library and Archive in technical and programming areas. He coproduced and directed his debut feature film Acne (2008), premiered at the Director’s Fortnight of the Cannes Film Festival 2008. A Useful Life (2010), his second film, premiered at Toronto Film Festival and San Sebastian Film Festival. Both films were selected at more than 100 festivals, won many awards and were sold for commercial release to USA, France, UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, among others.