THE WEDDING RINGER – Ignacio Serricchio Phoner 1.12.15

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"THE WEDDING RINGER – Ignacio Serricchio Phoner 1.12.15"

The Wedding Ringer Ignacio Serricchio

Let’s be honest, people. When we watch a movie, most of the time we’re drawn to it based on genre, story, and last but not least its stars. Whoever stars in a film is basically “the sell.” In THE WEDDING RINGER, clearly Kevin Hart and Josh Gad are the ones who front-run the piece. As ring-leaders, they’re the pair we bank on taking us from point A to point Z in whatever way the story is portrayed.

The fun reality about a movie is that sometimes it isn’t just its leads that stick out; it’s those who serve as a back-bone. One of the cast members of THE WEDDING RINGER that helps bind this surprising good comedy between our sense-of-humor and the narrative is IGNACIO SERRICCHIO, who plays EDMUNDO, a hilarious gay wedding planner.

Rendering his talented self to the piece, this man adds so much comedic spice; he raises it to levels of unexpected hilarity.

In a brief promotional, phone interview I was granted by the studio, I had a chance to unleash some of my curiosities about him and his role in THE WEDDING RINGER. Describing it as a “fun role” Mr. Serricchio also mentions “I created the character in my mind inspired by some people in my life like my mom, a gay hair-dresser named George who I worked with in “THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS,” a tribute to Hank Azaria from “THE BIRD CAGE,” John Leguizamo… a bunch of people who affected my life and put them all into one character.”

With all sorts of witty, edgy, comedic dialog, it’s obvious the thought of improvising ran through my brain-waves. Tapping into what I was suspecting, “the director really trusted us with the characters. He gave us the freedom to do whatever – and you rarely get that. A lot of parts in the film were pinned in the final edit that came out of improv.”

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And what a result it was. Fierce and flawless for dialog that pretty much originated based on quick thinking.

“It was special” Mr. Serricchio mentions on his shooting experiences. As he tapped into Hart and Gad, “they were both great. We got along so well and we listened to each other. We were all on the same page.”

Being on the same page (as he so eloquently mentions) is what elevated this piece I had total disregard for. Having seriously underestimated this film, THE WEDDING RINGER is fun, funny, and truly one that may wind up a sleeper hit at the movies the next few weeks.

IGNACIO SERRICCHIO does an outstanding job in this piece, and positive this will strike and ignite a spark of roles that eventually will lead to an uncontrollable blaze of work.

If interested in hearing more about Mr. Serricchio’s experiences, the full, unedited version of my interview as literally at the tip of your finger.


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