Afrodiziaq Goes to “a Otro Nivel”

"Afrodiziaq Goes to “a Otro Nivel”"

AfrodiziaqAfrodiziaq is currently promoting his single A Otro Nivel. The amazing video is getting more views and acceptance from his followers.
The song goes bachata and talks about when someone takes us to the next level, “just when you are enjoying a moment of passion, love, and intimacy”, Afrodiziaq says.

A Otro Nivel video tells the story of a girl that I met at a music store. We get connected, and that allows us to get closer. Then, we create some intimate moments and with my song I am able to take her to the next level”, he adds.

Afrodiziaq is visiting the Dominican Republic where he’s reconnecting with his roots and giving media interviews to promote A Otro Nivel.

“What a beautiful country. I love the weather, the beach, the food, the rivers, and the mountains. This is what inspires me the most”.
Afrodiziaq not only wants everyone to listen to A Otro Nivel, but is also making his followers fall in love with his music.

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