Chacka – Enero 6 (The Mixtape)

"Chacka – Enero 6 (The Mixtape)"

Despite what many may say, New York has always been in the forefront of the Latin Hip-Hop market. One of those people is Chaka.  And now he returns with one of the most anticipated mixtapes out.






About Chaka

“Chacka,” born Edward Del Rosario on November 23rd, is a young artist in the Spanish Hip Hop genre. Through his evolvement, he recognized as one of the most important exponents in the industry both inside and outside the US.

He is known for his unique style and versatility. His parents are of Dominican origin. From both parents, he inherits the charisma he carries in his lyrics since speaking in metaphors is part of their everyday. He studied at Columbus high school located in the Bronx in New York City; city where he still resides.

His passion for music began when he saw his cousin rapping in Spanish in 1999. Since then he knew that music was what was going to lead him to success. The inspiration of seeing his cousin rhyming and rappers like Nas and Jay-Z opened way to his passion for the art. In 2002 he began his career in hip hop. Performing in restaurants and where he was given the opportunity to highlight his talent. He also participated in several local talent contests, to demonstrate his abilities. In the same year he debuted his first mixtape Haciendo Historia Vol.1. After the success obtained with the first production “Chacka” launched a few more mixtapes; Haciendo Historia Vol.2 and Vol.3, Vitamina C, El Virus y El Cementerio De Pistas.

In 2008 he had a successful tour that took him through all of Mexico with Red Bull. This allowed him to reach a bigger fan base with the Latin American community. His past singles like Guaremate and Le Gusta Beber among others have led to new heights internationally. It’s difficult to think that after a decade of musical success, in 2012 “Chacka” was incarcerated. During his imprisonment, he used to time to study. Writing new lyrics and preparing for his release. In this way, December 30, 2015 when he was released from prison, he was ready to launch an explosion of music that would become a hit. This all, for his fans whom never never left his side during his absence and continue supporting him.

Now he makes his return to music in a stellar way after being out of show business for a few years. Recently he released his seventh album in the new Trap genre under CNS Music and Dominican Power “Mike Jones”. This new production is titled ‘Enero 6’ which has features from Dave East and LD among others. In less than 24 hours Enero 6 peaked at number 11 on the iTunes Latin list. It continued to ravage up to the 16th position in the Billboard Latin Rhythm Album Chart. You can say that perseverance and a combination of talent both live in him and both have contributed with time so that Chacka to remains “El Comentario del Barrio” (What’s Commented in the Hood).