A.CHAL to perform at LAMC

"A.CHAL to perform at LAMC"

A.CHAL is set to perform at this year’s Latin Alternative Music Conference  in NYC July 11-15

‘Away From His Hands’ is Gorham’s rendition of the current youth culture found in rodeo and ranch life throughout the Americas. The idea of nature and isolation on a ranch have been a personal preoccupation for Gorham and his research led him from haunting imagery of bullriders and cowboys to uncovering artwork inspired by cattle branding symbols, which are rich in their own distinct meanings.

This evolution of western style incorporates sportswear references, patchwork denim, paisley print scarf linings, worn-in leather vests and a collection of vintage inspired tees. Mr. Gorham has created a cult following through his fitted leather goods and beauty brand Byredo. The
collaboration with FRAME is the first-time Gorham has turned his hand to ready-to-wear, with typically compelling insouciance.

The accompanying campaign was cast by Gorham personally and features critically acclaimed Peruvian born but New York/ Los Angeles bred artist and producerA.CHAL. Gorham was first introduced to A.CHAL’s work by a friend, but it was the young artist’s personal style that the designer felt really captured the spirit of the capsule for FRAME. The mostly monochromatic images, shot by Torstensson in Los Angeles, mark an aesthetic departure for the brand; further illustrating Gorham’s visual narrative of subculture and effortless attitude. A.CHAL follows in the footsteps of the cinematic iconoclasts of former FRAME men’s campaigns; Matt Dillon and Willem Dafoe.
A.CHAL featured in Stüssy Mr. Porter “Made in California” capsule collection