Daddy Yankee and Zumba Announce Global Partnership in Support of artist new single “Hula Hoop”

"Daddy Yankee and Zumba Announce Global Partnership in Support of artist new single “Hula Hoop”"
The Latino Male Most Played Artist Globally on Spotify is releasing the single today with an official Zumba® choreography.
15 million people will soon be following along to the official choreography of ‘Hula Hoop’.
The fans spoke, and Yankee listened!
International superstar Daddy Yankee and global dance powerhouse Zumba announce today a global partnership in support  of the artist’s new single “Hula Hoop”. This is the follow up single after his smash hits “Shaky Shaky” and “Despacito”  (along with Luis Fonsi) that have reached over 1.4 billion views in combined in youtube. “Hula Hoop” is available today in all digital platforms and the official Zumba choreography can be found on the artist’s Facebook and Instagram pages.
“Hula Hoop” was born from Yankee’s #1 hit song “Shaky Shaky Remix,” where the addicting Hula Hoop Hook was first featured–fans and Zumba instructors from around the world begged Daddy Yankee to build upon the hook and the new song and choreography was born.
Zumba made a name for itself as a music platform for both emerging and well-known artists and labels, launching music through its instructor network-which spans across 186 countries with classes in 200,000+ locations-as well as producing over 600 original songs in its music library.
“Dancing is a universal language and 15 million people will soon be following along to the official choreography of ‘Hula Hoop'”, says Zumba VP of Marketing, Carolina Morales. “When you’re in a Zumba class, it’s like your turning on the radio, and discovering new songs and rhythms-‘Shaky Shaky’ was such a hit in class and we are thrilled to bring our fans and instructors this new track and choreography to create a global ‘hula hoop’ movement.”
“This is a track I made by popular request. The fans asked me on my social media platforms to create a track off the Hula Hoop hook on Shaky Shaky. They asked for it, and I gave it to them. It’s incredible how easily I can listen to my fans ideas, and respond! It (social media) really helps artists to have a clear idea of what they (the fans) want and expect from us” said Daddy Yankee.
Daddy Yankee who has over  7.5 millions subscribers in his YouTube and VEVO channels is also the Most Played Latin Male Artist Globally on Spotify and the Top 31 played worldwide and over 20 million listeners a month. This partnership with Zumba begins with ‘Hula Hoop’ and the future holds exciting launches for the dance-fitness brand and Reggaeton super star–stay tuned!
Watch the Hula Hoop’s Official Choreography HERE.
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