Danay Suárez releases new single “Integridad” (Integrity) featuring Stephen Marley

"Danay Suárez releases new single “Integridad” (Integrity) featuring Stephen Marley"

The singer-songwriter prepares to release her second studio album titled ‘Palabras Manuales’ (Manual Words)

Cuban songstress Danay Suárez is set to release her second studio album, Palabras Manuales (Manual Words), worldwide on March 3rd through Universal Music Group.

“Integridad” (Integrity), the first single from her highly anticipated album with a stellar collaboration featuring Stephen Marley, is set to be released today on all digital platforms. The song was produced by Stephen Marley himself and mixed by Genaro Schiano in The Lions Den. This is an original track written by Danay in which she collaborated withStephen who sings in Spanish for the first time in his career!

Danay elaborates on this historic collaboration: “Stephen played various styles of Reggae for me and I immediately connected with the one that became our song without thinking twice about it. I strongly emphasized that I liked the melodic line he did on the chorus for the song “It Was Written” featuring Damian Marley, Capleton and Drag-On he told me, ‘record it as a reference,’ so I turned on the microphone and hummed it in Spanish for him.

“Then I saw he had his Bible open on one of the study tables and I looked for Psalm 101. I told him this was the meaning of this song. For our next meeting, I had already written my lyrics and so I recorded them. Days later he invited me to listen to the track [after he laid his vocals] and it was there that I heard his voice in Spanish for the first time. It was incredible! A much-desired collaboration. I think we are very similar artists and he recognized that right away. Our albums have a lot in common. ‘Integridad’ (Integrity) is a spiritual song that transcends language barriers for me as well as taking me very close to the roots of Reggae. Stephen can adapt between genres very skillfully and has a broad vocal range. Thus, I feel I too can float naturally between the layers of several genres, those I intentionally choose. I really hope you enjoy the content of the song and that it serves you as a blessing.”

This week, Danay Suárez will participate in Festival Viña del Mar where she was elected to represent Cuba with her song “Yo Aprendí” (I Learned) for the international competition of songwriters. Only six artists were chosen giving her the opportunity to perform the song during the festival in the legendary outdoor amphitheater Quinta Vergara of the city of Viña del Mar (Chile).



About Palabras Manuales (Manual Words)
Palabras Manuales is an album that one has to listen to several times to discover all its secrets and intentions. The creative process led to composing the music that I would want to buy from another artist. I very much enjoyed weaving words with the melody, the meaning of each lyric, the rhymes, the passages in reverse or the moments in which I sing opera Lyrics. It is a true quilt of genres, but it is obvious that it is meant to be unique rather than pretentious.

95% of the album was recorded in the studio, detail by detail, analog. Even the delays were generated with the authentic machines, tape delays and not plugins. I’m overjoyed with my guest artists. I chose them for this specific piece and it was possible with their support and their belief in the project. For the first time, Stephen Marley sings in Spanish and I rap at the speed of El B de Los Aldeanos’ . I love how Spanish and Hebrew blend on the track with Idan Raichel and adore Aja Monet’s Thoughts on the Jazz track.

What is special about this album? It has the flow that is sometimes lacking in the industry when it comes to these styles, in particular when they are brought to a Latin American context. It cannot be labeled as a specific genre. It is full of metaphors that must be reflected upon with time.