El B Releases Newest Album “LUZ”

"El B Releases Newest Album “LUZ”"
EL B - LuzCuban rapper El B remains a ray of hope in this clouded world overflowing with bling and tweets. LUZ brings a fresh approach to Hip-Hop, politics and the revolution. This much anticipated album is El B’s first delivery since becoming a political refugee from his native Cuba. This work of art is dedicated to the people of his motherland, in hopes of inspiring the next generation to stand for true freedom. LUZ comes at a time when Cuba is an international hot topic and a trending vacation location due to its renewed relationship with the USA.

This star-studded album features powerful lyrics from Hip-Hop heavyweight Talib Kweli who says, “Working with El B shows the true power of Hip-Hop. That it can break all barriers, including language. Peace to the future.”¬† The album also features special guest producers on several tracks such as Diesel, Universal Records artist/producer MLKM, two-time GRAMMY- nominated band Locos por Juana and GRAMMY- winning production duo Nesty y Santos.

GRAMMY- winner, sound engineer Frank “El Medico” Rodriguez, summed up his experience mixing and mastering this album, “I felt a tremendous amount of responsibility working on this album; this album is coming from a modern day poet, using all his powers to help you try to understand his experiences of being a Cuban freedom fighter.”
The album is accompanied by an emotionally charged music video for his latest single “Emigrante.” This video exhibits the harsh realities that so many immigrants have had to face as they¬† leave their homes behind, families and everything else that they know in hopes of a better life elsewhere. Though centered around the Cuban refugee crisis, this song and video can connect to any one who took the risk of seeking a better life outside of their own homeland.

El B simply wishes to shed light on his brothers and sister struggles to live a life of freedom.
The chilling visuals show the daunting reality that many have faced.

“Dreaming of being rich and dreaming of being free aren’t the same.

This is for Mothers that will never see their sons again.”