Elia Releases Debut LP ‘Futuro Humano’ September 2

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"Elia Releases Debut LP ‘Futuro Humano’ September 2"


Recorded in his native Ecuador, the album is a radiant mixture of electronic and alternative melodies, lyrically inspired by the loss of his first daughter

From Ecuador to Seattle, Ignacio Izquierdo Brings The World Elia, An Alternative Electronic Project for the Ages.

Based in Seattle, with his roots in Ecuador, Ignacio Izquierdo is Elia– the son of a diplomat with a passion for history that inspired his stage name, after the Italian pioneer aviator Elia Liut, who was the first to fly over Ecuadorian territory. His first two EPs were made wile Ignacio was living in Ecuador and features lyrics in English. When he moved to the Pacific Northwest, he continues the project, but this time the lyrics came out in Spanish, connecting him to home.

Elia has been making waves with his psychedelic-melodic-electronic music locally for quite a while. He’s opened for such greats as Gepe, Buyepongo, and Sagan, and has appeared in a prestigious KEXP Session.

Futuro Humano is dedicated to his first daughter Amelia, who passed away early last year.Some of the tracks are in reference to her (Amelia, Quiero Verte Una Vez Mas, Este Amor Es Del Mas Puro). Recording the album was a way for him and his wife to cope with such a huge loss. His wife, Allison, actually sings harmonies on the song Amelia.

Futuro Humano addresses music’s power to mend a seriously fractured heart, using stylish and innovative melodies, getting into your head at just the right angle.