EW’s “On the Rise” Pop Star SYMON Performs at PRIDE

"EW’s “On the Rise” Pop Star SYMON Performs at PRIDE"
Symon is the music industry’s newest ‘It Girl’ and what Symon says goes. A mix between Halsey and Ariana Grande with a rebellious hint of Brooke Candy, Symon’s left-of-center approach to pop musicdoes not have one singular lane, but rather evolves with each story she tells in her songs. Combining a bit of pop, R&B, and house, Symon continues to break boundaries and push the limits of self-expression, bringing a fresh, raw, and honest perspective back to the airwaves.
Coming hot off the success of her summer hype song“Say,” Symon just dropped the lyric video for her brand new single “No Way (I’m F**king You)” which is already tracking on iTunes, Spotify, and radio stations nationwide.
LYRIC VIDEO “No Way (I’m F**king You)”


In addition to working on her debut album out later this year, Symon is the co-host of SiriusXM’s “Hits 1 in Hollywood” with Michael Yo (“The Insider”), who’s A-list guests have included Steve Aoki, Louis Tomlinson and LittleMix, just to name a few.
A true Valley Girl at heart, Symon was born and raised in Los Angeles surrounded by creativity. She has been singing, writing, and performing since her early teenage years, determined to carve out her own path in the entertainment industry. Symon began her professional music career as the lead singer of a pop/rock band trio called The New Officials, that went on to collaborate with industry legend David Foster and tour as the opening act for global superstar Demi Lovato. Knowing that a solo career was her true passion, she parted ways and signed with Sony’s indie label Artbeatz, known for breaking the career of pop starDaya.