Funk Salsa Urban Tribute to El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

"Funk Salsa Urban Tribute to El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico"

New York based Latin band F.S.U (Funk Salsa Urban) are making their official debut into the music scene with their first single “Amazing”. Inspired by 90’s Latin group DLG, Funk Salsa Urban is fusing the basic Salsa rhythms with elements of Funk & Urban to create an inner city new sound. Among fusing the different rhythms they are also using Spanglish lyrics to cater to a broadens audience. “Latinos born in the US speak both languages simultaneously, so why not mirror that in songs”.

The groups vision is to innovate the music genre, Salsa, that hasn’t been performing well the past few years. “People all over the world love Latin Rhythms. We are just trying to contribute our part and be innovative to fit in this current multi-cultural environment”.