Gabriela Villalba – PARIS (Official Video)

"Gabriela Villalba – PARIS (Official Video)"
With a ‘reto-futuristic’ style, a new single and video that aims to narrate a love story of modern times, Gabriela Villalba goes back to the musical scene with Paris. The video inspired by two works of the well known Mexican architect Senosiain, ‘El Tiburón’ & ‘El Nido De Quetzalcoatlt’, was directed by Canek Kelly and produced by Tribu Records.
The song, composed alongside Ximena Muñoz and produced by Orlando Vitto will be available on all digital stores from December 11th.
“Tu risa anticipada,
tu voz de madrugada,
diciéndome que estás
pensando en mí,
Nos vemos en Paris…”
Gabriela Villalba a Singer-Songwriter born in Quito – Ecuador. She’s based between Mexico city,  Los Angeles and Quito. Public Figure since 2002, human activist and spokeswoman of #Quiérete in México, campaing that empowers loving and accepting yourself. She was one of the 5 winners of the musical reality show “PopStars” 2003 in Ecuador, that lead her to become a member of the ecuadorian music phenomenon “KIRUBA” which realesed 2 albums “Kiruba” 2003 and “Baila La luna” 2004. Both albums reached the top charts. The same year she had her first acting roll, the leading actress in “Al ritmo de tu corazón”  Colombian soap opera from RCN network in Colombia.
In 2006  she realeased her first solo album “Todo Bien”. That June she shared stage with KUDAI the chilenian poprock in a EXA Party in her hometown. During their visit in Quito one of the female members of the Kudai decided to abandone the group. The manager and the band  after seing her perform decided to invite Gabriela to join them on commited tour dates as an special guest. In october of the same year Gabriela was named a oficial band member of “Kudai”. Their music was grammy nominated, they won several times the Latin MTV awards in the category of best Pop artist,best song, best group, best video and best fan club. The impact that the band caused in their generation allowed them to be pronounced Unicef ambassadors since 2008 they traveled to Guatemala, Pánama and Perú in pro of a fare future for indigenous youth and children of Latin America.
In 2009 the band became the voice of  “Amor sin Violencia”  UNFPA‘s campaign with a Non violence statement ” Love with no violence”  dedicating their song  and video “Morir de amor” to all the victims. in 2010 Kudai officially decided to stop.
Gabriela moved to NY and kept out of the spotlight, she studied hollistic nutrition and got certified as a health coach.
In 2011 Gabriela  returned to Ecuador as the spokeswoman of “Yo me quiero como soy”  ecuadorian campaing for raise awareness of eating dissorders and self acceptance.
in 2012 she decided to go back to her passion, music. She moved to LA to reinvent herself as an artist and work in her new material. through the path of searching her sound and working with several producers, she met Orlando Vitto, her actual producer.  Later in that journey she signed with her current management and team Diana Rodriguez founder of Criteria Entertainment. She got her first contract as a songwritter with BMI, writting for herself and for other artists.
2013 and 2014 she realesed  2 digital singles as an Independent artist“Psycho” and “Adrenalina” under the name of “Gaby de K”.
Now in days  the ecuadorian is finally ready to release her new material as her name Gabriela Villalba, her first upcoming single is “PARIS” produced by Orlando Vitto written by Ximena Muñoz and Gabriela Villalba.
Side projects:
“Alas para el sur” Documentary that Gabriela is producing with her dad flying in trikes above indigenous comunities in Ecuador and South america to show their valuable culture and legacy.