Havana NRG! sign with Music Access, Inc.

"Havana NRG! sign with Music Access, Inc."

Since 2002 Havana NRG! has been blazing the city of Dallas performing and packing in over 12,000+ fans monthly as they continue to set records every Friday and Saturday night at Gloria’s Addison! Their fan base covers all ages, demographics and well, to put it mildly, they are one intoxicating band.

Havana NRG! have impacted not just the Dallas, but major markets such as Los Angeles, Miami, New York, San Francisco and so many cities in between. Havana NRG! means one thing and that is “New Rhythm Generation” and to this they have kept their promise of blending in various new and trendsetting sounds to their live show and now recordings. Gone are the days of your standard “Salsa/Merengue” band. Havana NRG! continues to perform their brand of Timba Cubana, Salsa, Cubaton, Merengue Electronico and now their hot brand of both classics and current remixes as we now are excited to announce the signing with Music Access, Inc.’s division, Music Access Latino!

In 2015 and mainly 2016, Havana NRG! begin blending in today’s popular hit music with original merengue electronico remixes for their live shows and it immediately caught on like fire! From Taylor Swift, Meghan Trainor, Bruno Mars to Pitbull, Havana NRG! was on their way to something no other band, especially in Texas was into, so things evolved to where we are today. Havana NRG! will release hot and exciting remixes produced in their unique style for their fans worldwide. We can’t announce which will be their launch single but soon enough everyone will hear the buzz. Havana NRG!’s members are Mariela Suarez (Band Director/Pianist/Producer), Ivan Martinez (Vocals/Percussions/Producer/Engineer), Michael Romero (Lead Vocalist/Trumpet), Jeff Fort (Flute/Sax), Ramon Rodriguez (Bass/Percussions), Ilumin Avila (Vocals), Luis Avila (Percussions), Goeber Nodal (Trumpet) and Melvin Garcia (Percussions).

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Robert Gonzalez, CEO of Music Access, Inc. speaks of his excitement as this day finally arrives, “Established, seasoned, masters at their craft and monsters on the stage, this is an honor to align ourselves with such an amazing group. We have big things we are working on so stay tuned!!! Havana NRG, let’s go!!!”. The buzz was felt through the office as this is “the band” that has set an all time residency performance record each week at Gloria’s Addison for almost 15 years!

I personally wear several hats from Creative Juice Online to the President/Music Access Latino and have worked one on one, side by side with Havana NRG! for over 17 years collectively and never in my 35+ year career have I come across a group of masters of their craft that equally possess a personal tie with those they work with and their fans along with attention to detailed perfection. Always creative, always aware and doing whatever it takes to deliver their music to the masses. I have personally witnessed Havana NRG! set records at Dallas’ “Jazz Under the Stars” with 7,000+, Salsa at Vitruvian Park in Addison with 8,000+ to selling out shows in Los Angeles’s Granada Theater to packing them in to the original Conga Room, they electrify at every show.

The fun and exciting road Havana NRG! has successfully taken has led them with some amazing creative ideas and now we are moving into some remix ventures that will soon be something everyone will love. The band had this to say about this new signing with Music Access, Inc. and Music Access Latino, “After many years of recording both in Cuba and here in the USA, along with touring around the nation, releasing two original CD’s in 2003 and 2009, we have experienced an amazing thing as we produce remix productions of both classic and current hits. The crowds everywhere are loving it so now we are going to do this and other cool things with Music Access, Inc./Music Access Latino. We are very thankful to CEO, Robert Gonzalez and Rikki Rincon, President of Music Access Latino as we prepare to take off into the future” (Havana NRG!)

Havana NRG! has released two hot recordings, first one titled “Camino al Cielo” in 2003 and “Receta Perfecta” in 2009 under NRG Records and soon we will announce their new hot single remixes and other material under Music Access, Inc/Music Access Latino. Join us in congratulating the hardest working Latino band in today’s marketplace!  More news to come on their first release soon. You can follow Music Access, Inc. and Havana NRG! via Facebook.


About Music Access, Inc.

Going on 20 years, Music Access, Inc. is a recording label and global distributor of  music, videos and more. From R&B, Soul, Top 40, EDM, Latino and now WorldBeats, Music Access, Inc. is servicing all markets offers  cd manufacturing, artist development, physical/digital distribution and indie and national placement. Robert Gonzalez is CEO of Music Access, Inc.

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