Joyce Santana releases new album “Luz en la Oscuridad”

"Joyce Santana releases new album “Luz en la Oscuridad”"

Joyce SantanaWhite Lion Records one of the leaders in the Latin Urban movement and responsible for launching the careers of Calle 13, Tego Calderon, Jowell & Randy, Cosculluela and many others, has now launched the much anticipated album by Joyce Santana titled “Luz en la Oscuridad”.

“Luz en la Oscuridad” is a an album that reflects reality in our society and the life of Joyce Santana.

From the intro to the last cut on the album, you can feel hwo Joyce Santana leaves hear emotions embodied within each track.

on the track “3:00 am”, Joyce Santana launches directly into trying to bring awareness to the young people suffering with Depression. She touches on the subject of suicide; which is very prevalent in our society since global figures show that its the 15th cause of deaths each year with death tolls reaching more than 800,000, and 2nd among adolescents and young people aged 15-29.
The album is a social embodiment of life as she sees it today. “Luz en la Oscuridad” has collaborations with some great artists like Sou$a, Brray and Álvaro Díaz and is mostly produced by Young Martino also has collaborations musically with Caleb Calloway, Orteez, Lara Rhythm Project and Gunna.

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