Los Amigos Invisibles Release Their New Single “Dame El Mambo” + New Tour Announcement

"Los Amigos Invisibles Release Their New Single “Dame El Mambo” + New Tour Announcement"


Los Amigos Invisibles.
Los Amigos Invisibles.

Los Amigos Invisibles
are undoubtedly one of the most important Venezuelan bands in the contemporary Latin music scene. They have an impressive international following, only comparable to very few acts in Latin America. Julio Briceño (vocals), Mauricio Arcas (percussion), Juan Manuel Roura (drums), and José Rafael Torres (bass), have now decided to embark in a new adventure called “El Paradise Tour 2016” which starts at the Plaza Condesa on December 14th. This performance officially launches a new series of concerts, where Los Amigos Invisibles will be debuting a brand new show, fit with a recently designed stage and production, so as to maximize the experience of their fans and give them a party, unlike ever before!

The start of “El Paradise Tour 2016” also coincides with the announcement of the band’s new single, “Dame El Mambo”, scheduled for release in all digital platforms on October 14th. The song will be available in the USA, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile Peru, Ecuador, and Spain, through Lov/Recs.
“Dame El Mambo” will surprise the core followers of the band with it’s direct sound, where hypnotic beats carry you into a sonic party and makes you feel “Groovy baby, groovy“.

The new album titled  “El Paradise“, is currently in the last production stages and will be released in early 2017. It was written, recorded, and produced during the last 18 months , of touring that took them to over 80 shows in 14 countries.


“El Paradise Tour”  will begin officially at Plaza Condesa in Mexico on December 14th.
Prior to that the band will be performing at:

Oct   14 El Salvador

Oct   15 Miami US

Oct   19 Aguascalientes

Oct   22 Guadalajara (Festival Coordenada)

Oct   27 Bogotá

Oct   28 Teocaltiche

Oct   29 Toluca (Festival Xandu)

Nov  16 Paris

Nov  18 Madrid

Nov  19 Barcelona

Nov  25 Caracas

Dec  03 Santiago de Chile Festival Frontera

Dec  14 Mexico City,  Plaza Condesa

About Los Amigos Invisibles
The band created an easily recognizable sound that fuses elements of disco, acid jazz, funk, and latin rhythms, with which the band has captured the hearts of audiences both within their native Venezuela and in other corners of the world. Songs like ‘Mentiras,’ ‘En Cuatro” and “La que me gusta”, are sung by millions of fans all over the world.

Their international success began in 1996, when David Byrne signed them to his label Luaka Bop. Later, the album The New Sound of the Venezuelan Gozadera (1998) was released, and produced by Andrés Levín.

Over their 22 year career, Los Amigos Invisibles have released 9 studio albums, won a Latin Grammy, received many nominations (including one to the general market  GRAMMY), played in more than 60 countries– and those are just some of the many facts about a band whose career has no borders.

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