Luke Records is back with a New Latin Division – Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell

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"Luke Records is back with a New Latin Division – Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell"

Internationally known rap artist and entrepreneur, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, relaunches with the “Latin Division” of LUKE RECORDS merging Tropical flavor with Hip Hop.


Since the 1990’s, Luke Records has been helping local talent reach the next level, such as the internationally acclaimed recording artist Pitbull who has sold millions of albums worldwide. Luke Records “Latin Division” will be a Managing Company.

Luke Records has historically been focused on helping local talent reach international levels. In addition to Pitbull, other successful artists such as Trick Daddy, Poison Clan, and Disco Rick, to name a few, have been guided by “Uncle Luke’s” expertise.

“This is not about making money. It’s about restoring respect for the talent of South Florida artists and our music,” says Mr. Campbell.

Mr. Campbell has named industry professional, Angel Rodriguez as President of Luke Records Latin Division which will be reporting directly to him. Together they will strive to help artists reach their full potential to take them to the next level of their career, guiding them each step of the way.

We congratulate Luther Campbell & Angel Rodriguez with this new venture, that we are sure will be another home run for this successful duo.