Music Premier: The Altons – Gotcha

"Music Premier: The Altons – Gotcha"

Gotcha is a light yet somber play on words about romance and betrayal. The thin line between love and hate stands defiantly while the lyrics and music hypnotize, suddenly they’re muddled. The guitar riffs pull at your soul, the bass cradles you, and the drums are there keeping it all at a pace reminiscent to a past lovers heartbeat.”We’ve all been there, now hear a song that paints a story similar to yours,” says Adriana Flores.

“We were a newly formed group when the birth of ‘Gotcha’ came to be. Drinks and musical inspirations such as “You Ain’t Alone” by The Alabama Shakes and classic Zeppelin tracks were shared at practice. It was one of our first real collaborative efforts. I had lyrics that made my heart ache, and knew how I wanted the music to sound. Bryan stepped in and helped bring out the noises in my head,” explains Adriana Flores.

About The Altons

After only just two years, The Altons are turning heads in the LA music scene and beyond. Through relentless gigging and hard work they are quickly becoming one of LA’s hottest acts, pushing their addictive “Soul Rock” to the masses while refusing to be pigeonholed as a one dimensional “Latin” group. Compared to the Alabama Shakes, The Altons draw upon a love of vintage soul and funk combined with modern rock and a Latin twist. Their addictive brew of funky grooves and soulful melodies has Southern California dancing without fail.

They have gone from playing backyards in Southeast LA to playing Echo Park Rising, Eagle Rock Music Festival, NALIP Media Summit, and even Bernie Sander’s East LA rally. The Altons have shared stages with Chicano Batman, Sotomayor, Thee Commons, and Buyepongo. “Going Nowhere” has amassed more than 11K plays on Spotify in less than one year. Their newest single, “Darling Girl”, has already been covered by Girl Underground Music, Orignte, and premiered on local radio stations KUCR and KUCI. Currently, The Altons are working on their debut album with renowned producer Joel Jerome and Grammy winning engineer John Greenham.


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