Why is this Popular Teen Musician is leaving quite an impression?

"Why is this Popular Teen Musician is leaving quite an impression?"

Popular Teen Musician is leaving quite an impression on the country music scene while leaving an even bigger more personal impression on the hearts of kids across the U.S.

Kaylin Roberson has always had a love of music since she could first talk, she was singing a tune but it wasn’t until a personal and life altering trial did she know that music would become her future. Not just a future of performing but, one that would take her on a journey to share a message of hope, love and acceptance to teens and children across the country who need it most.

When Kaylin was 9 years old she was attacked by a family dog. The attack was so awful that it tore open her mouth, lip, opposing cheek and part of her eye leaving her in need of life support, hundreds of stitches, and facial reconstruction.  Unfortunately, this was just start of this ordeal, going back to school after this incident Kaylin learned quickly that she had an entirely new set of challenges to face.  Kaylin for the first time had to experience real bullying, being made fun of, laughed at and taunted all because of the scars left on her face.  She felt very alone and when she felt she had no one else to turn to she turned to the one thing that gave her peace and happiness, and that was music.

Nine years later Kaylin has written and recorded over 50 inspiring songs and videos with her most recent being, “Mistakes”, about a young girl’s mistakes while learning the art of relationships at a young age.  She has also won local and national awards testifying her ability to sing, write, and connect with others through her music.

Kaylin felt she had to do more than just share her music, she had to share her message of strength and learning to never give up no matter what trials come your way to others like her.

At the age of 14 Kaylin started giving motivational speeches and concerts to youth organizations, children’s orphanages and public schools.  She also never has forgotten her time spent in the hospital, recovery and the loneliness she felt and knew that had to be a priority to make sure that she could give back to the same kids, who like her; have to lay there in a hospital sometimes with no friends or visitors coming for long periods of time.  So along with visits to youth Kaylin has made it her passion to get out to the hospitals and see, meet, and perform for as many of these kids as possible.  If she can do nothing more than share a little music to brighten someone’s day during a very dark time then that is all she needs.  Kaylin feels this interaction is very therapeutic for both her and the kids she sings for.

Kaylin’s days of pain are behind her and are now filled with singing, songwriting, recording music and videos but most important is filled with giving back to youth and teaching them to persevere – no matter what life throws at them that they can survive, overcome and empower.

To learn more about Kaylin visit www.kaylinroberson.com and to view her recent video


Photos of Kaylin Before and after attack


About Kaylin Roberson:

Kaylin is a singer, songwriter and pianist/guitarist based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a passionate powerhouse making an indelible imprint on the country pop scene. Kaylin has recently been honored with distinguished titles such as Deep South Entertainment’s Open Mic champion, the youngest champion in the venues history, forging the path to her recent EP release titled “Run Back To You”. “Run Back To You” has been featured on Large Market Country Station of the Year 94.7 QDR as part of their Homegrown Carolina Country Series. Kaylin has also been named North American Country Music Association International Female Vocalist of the Year New Country 2016; Clayton’s Teen Idol; winner of Clayton’s Got Talent; and featured on Raleigh, NC based television station WRAL as an “artist to watch in 2016”.

Kaylin’s passion for song writing exudes in her sultry, tragic, charismatic composition defined by everyday life experiences. She has recently had the distinct honor to co-write with the legendary Don Goodman and Tom Worth off Music Row and record at the legendary Dark Horse Recording Studio. Kaylin’s playing accolades include venues from all over the state of North & South Carolina to a sold out show at 3rd & Lindsley in Nashville, TN. This alluring captivating artist is knocking on door steps in a town near you.