Reykon drops his new single “El Chisme” Listen now!

"Reykon drops his new single “El Chisme” Listen now!"

Reykon - El Chisme

Just a week after Reykon expressed against gossip and damaging stories on his social networks, Colombian reggaetonero artist Reykon will release his new song “EL Chisme” (Gossip) today; a song inspired by events in his own life. This latest single follows the great success of his previous single, “El Error”, a song that has positioned itself on the most important lists in the urban genre and Latin music market.

The story of “GOSSIP” comes after; without disclosing specifics, last Wednesday the 17th, the artist known as “El Lider” uploaded a video to his Instagram account angry about the way gossip affects public figures personal lives. The video was followed by a written message, “La vida personal es más importante que cualquier carrera profesional.” (Your personal life is much more important than your professional career). Duly upset about what happened, reykon remained silent for the rest of the weekend.

To everyone’s surprise, Reykon reappeared Monday with a more relaxed video, thanking all his fans and colleagues for their support and expressing that should not be affected by words of others, ending on a positive note and was inspired to write a song about this theme that is so common in everyone’s life.

“El Chisme” is a song produced by two stars of reggaeton in Colombia: Sebastian “ChezTom” Sanchez, principal producer of all the successes of reykon and Andrew “SKY” Ramirez, renowned producer of various artists of the genre. With this new song, Reykon ensures a solid footing in the urban genre, maintaining his status as “El Lider” (the leader) of Colombia and the world.

In the coming months Reykon will set out on his promotional tour in support of this new single around the United States, Latin America and Spain. In October he will be participating in the 5th edition of the People in Espanol Festival in New York, which will be one of the artists of the urban panel led by Alex Sensation, besides being one of the musical acts within the prestigious Festival.

Listen to “El Chisme” now