Roc Nation Latin Presents a New Generation of Artists

"Roc Nation Latin Presents a New Generation of Artists"

Romeo Santos, CEO of Roc Nation Latin and Johnny Marines, Roc Nation Latin President, present the new generation of Latin Artists Victoria “La Mala,”  Angel Batista (Mr Paradise)Jayro Rosado and Karen Rodriguez who join Mozart La Para as the new members of the Roc Nation family. 

Johnny Marines, President said: “We are positive that with the signing of Mozart La ParaJayro Rosado, Karen Rodriguez, Victoria “La Mala” and Mr. Paradise we are off to a great start. We have a diverse musical roster that includes Regional Mexican, Pop, Urban, Tropical and Bachata. We continue to look for the next generation of talent, new and unique sounds that will pave the way for the future of Latin music.”

Angel Batista (Mr. Paradise), was born in the Dominican Republic and was raised in Madrid, Spain. His unique urban sound is paired with profound lyrics that explore social issues. Today, after a long learning process, patience and dedication, he decides to start over with his most recent and impactful single “Forastero” (Foreigner), song that brings a message of hope to all immigrants who find themselves away from home, never has this message been as relevant as it is today.