“Stay All Night”, the New Music Video by Justin Alexander Feat. Papi Wilo

"“Stay All Night”, the New Music Video by Justin Alexander Feat. Papi Wilo"

The sensuous video & song by Justin Alexander feat. Papi Wilo, highlights the beauty and culture of the Dominican Republic & envelops the lyrics of the Latin tinged song.

The video directed by Freddy Graff & co-directed by Ramon Cruz, and is a feel good video that invokes feelings of euphoria just like the song.

Justin Alexander the rising R&B sensation was excited to work with Chosen Few’s Papi Wilo to create not only a dope song but an amazing music video for their fans.

Justin Alexander admits, “I really feel Papi Wilo’s music, and thought a collaboration bridging our talents would be a fun twist, and the response so far, has been great.”

The bi-lingual song gives the listeners pure ear candy, with the smooth delivery of Justin Alexander’s vocals in English and Papi Wilo’s gritty Spanish rhymes. Papi Wilo commented, “Doing this song was a great opportunity to show my fans that I am versatile and am always evolving in my music.”

These two talents combine a double dose of sexiness especially with their female counterparts that form part video that takes us from the beach to the parking lot, with the hottest cars and sexy women. You have to watch and see if these ladies will “Stay All Night.”

Chosen Few’s creator Boy Wonder (Manuel Alejandro Ruiz), is always ahead of the curve on setting trends, and is the force behind the songs production. He is ecstatic on how the single turned out and really believes there is a place for Spanglish music in the market.