#YEI premieres debut single “Folky”

"#YEI premieres debut single “Folky”"
#YEI is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and a devoted student of the musical genres that have built his sound, lyrics and style.  By immersing himself in the opulent musical scenes of Venezuela, the U.S. and Barcelona, all places where he has lived, #YEI has been able to create a unique sound and a very compelling musical proposition.  His music is intelligent, defined by word play and edgy lyrics that fall between wrong and right.  And so after four years working on his solo project, he unveils his debut single “Folky” exclusively on LaBandaElastica.com.

“Folky” embodies alternative music, modern with a European sound.  The song plays with ideas; it criticizes the people in show business and politics who navigate that line between power and failure, while inviting fans to think while they dance and enjoy the superb layers of guitars recorded on the track.  “Folky” was written by #YEI and Armando Añez and produced by Leonardo Aldrey in Audiobend Studios in Barcelona, Spain.  Other contributors to the song include: Rafa Giner, Daniel Pirone and Juan Daniel Gonzales.

“For me, ‘Folky’ is a reflection of what happens in the world, it’s a cry about external and internal conflict peppered with sarcasm and dark humor,” affirms #YEI.

At the end of 2015, #YEI gave his fans a sneak peak of his debut album “Barriendo Escombros Después De La Fiesta” (Sweeping Debris after the Party) by releasing the song “Alma Pesa” (Heavy Soul) featuring Eric Colón Moleiro.  The song and video are a razor sharp critique about the turbulent and intense social, political, and cultural moments that have occurred within Venezuela, his native country.