50 Cent shows a sensible side to the Dallas Police Shootings

"50 Cent shows a sensible side to the Dallas Police Shootings"

On an Instagram post earlier, 50 Cent; who’s never been afraid to speak his mind regardless of being right or wrong, said:

This is not a game out here, police have gotten away with shooting so many people and not being punished for it. People are fed up. I saw CNN report on Cops being shot and the sad part is my first response was good for them, because I’ve seen so many graphic images of cops wrongfully shooting people but when I think about it,the officers that were shot are not guilty of anything. There family’s must be devastated as there love ones died protecting black life matters protesters. My condolences to the families of the officers that lost their lives that night.but we also can’t ignore the fact that black people get treated unjustly by law enforcement everyday. My condolences also go to the families of Alton Stirling and Philandro Castile.