Alejandra Costello shares tips to organize your desk

"Alejandra Costello shares tips to organize your desk"

As summer transitions to fall, it’s time to organize your desk into a beautiful and stimulating work environment that truly speaks to your personality. Whether it’s gearing up for back-to-school or work, starting a new job, or just need a desk refresh, T.J.Maxx and Marshalls have partnered with organizational expert, Alejandra Costello, to help make #deskgoals a reality!

Alejandra’s tips speak to unique and creative ways to organize your desk and how to let your personal style shine through. As you’ll see from the below, we also have amazing on-trend quality desk merchandise that correspond with Alejandra’s tips on the following style personalities: The Minimalist, The Romantic, The Bold & Edgy, The Hollywood Glam, The Bohemian, The Wanderer, The Traditionalist, and The Prepster.


The Minimalist: Minimize distractions and maximize your productivity by only keeping the essentials on your desk. Match your neutral monochromatic wardrobe with a sleek desktop equipped with organizational items all in similar hues. To kick start your desk makeover, check out stores like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls that have a variety of quality home essentials, all at amazing prices. Consider using a small wooden jewelry box to clandestinely hold pocket items such as keys, business cards, and loose change. To maintain focus, add a glass sand timer, which you can find at Marshalls stores, and mount a narrow clipboard wall display to keep important reminders in sight like this one from T.J.Maxx.



The Romantic: If you’re someone who wears your heart on your sleeve, make your office space a labor of love. Start by draping string lights to let your personality shine through. Next, find a jewelry stand, like this gold Cupid’s arrow one from Marshalls, and repurpose it to hang frequently accessed items such as scissors, tape and rubber bands. Store small office supplies like push-pins and paperclips on its base. Lastly, surround yourself with images of those you love by decorating your desk space with up to two ornate frames. If you can’t narrow down your photos, hang extra pictures on the sides of a metal desk organizer using cute magnets with sayings that speak to your heart.



The Bold and Edgy: Spark creativity while you work by surrounding yourself with what inspires you. Incorporate pops of colors through desk accessories, from bright typography file folders to colored pencils, which serve as a color-coded system that promotes productivity. To bring out your fun, fierce personality, line desk drawers with patterned gift wrap or wrap bright-colored washi tape around a letter sorter. Simultaneously incorporate an edgy tone with desk accessories in darker hues such as this decorative monogram block found at Marshalls and black spinning organizer from T.J.Maxx.



The Hollywood Glam: The best way to showcase glitz and glam is through a metallic color palette. Select desk accessories with an iridescent sheen like a dazzling clutch that can be used as a pencil case and a shimmering paperweight to add some bling. Hang a decorative art-deco mirror to open up your space, as well as artwork that speaks to your “trés chic” style. You don’t need to sacrifice fashion for function;transform a patterned letter sorter into a desktop charging station by turning it on its side and drilling holes in the back for wires to poke through.



The Bohemian: Bring peace and tranquility to your desk with artistic touches such as rustic wooden colored pencils and bohemian-inspired candle holders to stash them in. Store your binder clips, push pins and other desk essentials in matching ornate handcrafted storage boxes like this set of colorfully hand-painted ones from T.J.Maxx that can double as a stand for your computer monitor. Create a Zen oasis with Buddha-inspired decor to remind you to stay mindfully focused and transform a three wire wall organizer into a mini succulent garden.



The Wanderer:  Add excitement and adventure to your desk with one-of-a-kind accent décor pieces and artwork that speaks to your character. Remind yourself of all of the places you’ve traveled by repurposing a decorative globe and elephant to serve as artistic bookends and corral your treasures in a unique storage box that can be disguised as a weathered book. Places like T.J.Maxx and Marshalls carry home décor items from around the world at incredible value – that will have your colleagues asking where you found them!



The Traditionalist: The one organizing system every desk needs is a neatly organized top drawer so that you can quickly and easily find what you’re looking for. To prevent your desk drawer organizers from sliding when opening and closing the drawer, add mounting putty or mounting tape to the bottom of each container. If your desk lacks drawer space, take advantage of your desk top by propping a small yet sturdy accent piece similar to this wooden industrial cabinet organizer from T.J.Maxx. Accent your space with a whiteboard or small chalkboard for quick notes or reminders, leave a freestanding clock on your desk to help manage your time and complete the look with a 12-month agenda to keep you organized.



The Prepster: Stripes and polka dots are just a couple of patterns those with a preppy vision are drawn to, but to ensure you’re not creating a visually distracting environment stick to one to two patterns. Style your desk with essential items such as notepads, clipboards, and desk organizers in a chosen color scheme. Keep pens and markers organized by turning mason jars on their side and adhering them together to create a stacked pyramid-shaped organizer, or repurpose a metal spice rack to neatly house small office supplies sorted by category.