“Ama-Zonas” by “Colectivo Jaguar (Doctor Krapula)”

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"“Ama-Zonas” by “Colectivo Jaguar (Doctor Krapula)”"

Ama-Zonas - Doctor Krapula + Colectivo JaguarWith songs that aim to raise awareness about the environmental reality of the Amazon, the Colombian band, Doctor Krápula, has joined a series of artists from across the world. Together, under the name of “Colectivo Jaguar”, they bring an unprecedented musical experience.

Royalties will go towards the Fundación Terra Nova, entity working towards the culture and defence of the Amazon. By Daniel Casas C.* Doctor Krápula, returns to the music scene as part of “Colectivo Jaguar”, with what probably is the album that the band always dreamt to record and release. And it’s no surprise that with this album, the band manages to consolidate everything that usually represents them as artists, with their essence as human beings. This translates into a musical atmosphere that is characteristic and  almost always familiar to strokes of rock, splashed with ska, punk and other styles that casually and surprisingly often appear in their songs. Additionally, it is the true translation of what its five members represent as individuals: friendship, fraternity, social strive and political compromise.
“Ama-Zonas” is all of that and more. In a production process that lasted almost two years, the band joined different and renown voices of the Colombian and Latin American music scenes with one purpose: Opening the eyes and raising the awareness of those countries which fall under the impact area of this musical release, with regards to the urgent need of caring and protecting the cultural, forestall and hydric reserve of the Amazon; our planet’s vital space that is besieged by an uncontrollable territorial devastation which in short term, has been affecting the whole ecosystem, not only of the region but also the entire planet, considering that it is the world’s lung.

Due to the nature of this project, it is not surprising to find such an impressive list of guests on “Ama-Zonas”. It also allowed the perfect color palette of sounds for this production to come alive. Musically, and for the most
part, this album explores the world in which Doctor Krápula feels the most comfortable: Ska and Punk translated into a strong rhythmic base with David Jaramillo’s bass and Nicolás Cabrera’s drums, becoming greater day by day, supporting the meticulous work of Germán Martínez on guitar, that comes and goes, feeding the songs in a impeccable manner along with the ideal complement of Sergio Acosta on keyboards, supplying everything that produces the wind instruments in this format, and the vocal passion Mario Muñoz’ vocals.
Joined by “Café Tacvba’s” Rubén, Moyenei from “Sonidero Mestizo” and Roco from “Maldita Vecindad”, the album opens with a ska-punk explosion that immediately evokes the most intense moments of the legendary band “Mano Negra” and that blends in a very particular manner with the sounds of “Seinekvn” (“Black land” in the IKU language), accompanied by the vocal presence of another icon, “Manú Chao”, through syncopated rhythms, mid tempo, acoustic guitars and a smooth groove that easily recalls “Clandestino” or “Radio Bemba”; both emblematic recordings from Chao that create a world already known to us. The album, whose royalties proceeding from sales will go to the Fundación Terra Nova, entity working towards conserving the culture and protecting the Amazon; weaves between its tracks, fragments of autochthonous songs from indigenous communities such as the
“Yaguas”, “Tikunas” and “Kokama” – provided by the foundation-, giving a much more coherent sense to the project.  “Ama-Zonas” surprises as it unveils. The collaboration with “Superlitio” emerges for “El Rugido del Jaguar” (The Jaguar’s Roar), which compromises very well the style of both bands: hard rock, a consolidated halo of funk and a very powerful center. Here, the experimental Colombian band, Latin Latas, was also included. In the case of the next featured artist, Emiliano, vocalist for the Uruguayan band “No Te Va Gustar” and the song “Despedida” (Farewell); Doctor Krápula goes back to its musical terrain, rock-reggae full of guitars and intense percussions resulting in a 50/50 vocal set between both singers.
The message behind “Ama-Zonas’” is made clear in many parts of its lyrics such as “…rising the American cry… for the water, for the earth and for the entire humanity”. “Listen to the law of origin, we are made of water and land “. “They threaten the land with meaningless business, everything will come to an end”, “… without rivers there’s no life, without jungles there’s no life, heartless my life, this is goodbye”. This is a conceptual approach, (it should be listened as a whole from beginning to end), legitimated in Doctor Krápula’s particular musical sound with an aggregated value… they’ve managed to create songs that identify themselves with the original music styles of their guests.
“Puerto Carretera” is Doctor Krápula in essence. Fast ska-punk, strong demolishing percussions and a pulsating bass; with guests from the same tier such as Ska-P’s “Pulpul” and Goy’s “Karamelo”, the song also features Krápula’s drummer, Nicolás Cabrera in the lead vocals. The track is a prelude to the song “Grito de la Selva”(Cry of the Jungle), in collaboration with the Latin-European band, Che Sudaka. However before we can listen to this cut, there are three other very special songs from this album. First, the journey of “Cómo” (How), a kind of slow blues or maybe even a waltz that goes from a smooth ambience with acoustic guitars and quenas to a singular cadence; framed by the presence of “Caifanes’” drummer Alfonso André, Chucho Merchán in the bass, indigenous Colombian fusion band “Walka” and the impeccable vocal delivery of David Jaramillo along with Catalina, lead vocalist of the band Monsieur Perine and the choruses from Venezuelan singer, Ulises Hadjis.
Cumbia becomes the main protagonist on “Selva Cumbia”, with two experts of this rhythm: Argentinian Gustavo Cordera on vocals and the Mexican Celso Piña. A musical delight identified in full with the latter, this song becomes a cumbia-rock anthem that incorporates dense electronic beats and an accordion that enriches the melody throughout. Immediately following we listen to “Río” (River), with a feminine presence for a smooth pseudo-electric ambience full of beats, and a blend of guitars that connect with the voice of Andrea Echeverri, (from “Aterciopelados”) and Antombo (from “Profetas”).
The message continues: “… to destroy is the lie of your prosperity…”. “Why keep starting wars in the land of the innocent…”. “Save the jungle, save life…” ”…Let the rich and powerful, be touched by water in their souls, to stop making disasters…” “… They keep chopping down trees because they do not care, ecological disasters, they can’t explain”. they do not care, ecological disasters, they can’t explain”. Santiago Cruz, Colombian singer songwriter who is identified in his country with a mellower style of music, builds the vocals that blend perfectly with the rhythm and cadence of the syncopated “Olvidamos”, in which Moska from “Autenticos Decadentes” also participates along with Chucho Merchán in the bass. Also, following the trend of pop reggae that has been getting so popular in the last few years, Doctor Krápula is accompanied once again by Rubén from Café Tacuba, as well as Felipe Sánchez from the band “Vía Rústica” in the production of “Serpiente Guacamayo”.

The compilation closes full of multiple voices, sounds and messages resulting in two very special songs. First, “Fragíl Alegría”, a warm Brazilian breeze of bossa nova, accompanied by a slow acoustic guitar, delightful yet subtle and made intimate by the vocals of Pipe Onofre from “VibraTierra”, Elsa y Elmar and Lucas Salcedo. And finally, “Interconnected”, an acid sound supported by an overwhelmed rhythm, a neo psychedelic dub chorus with striking guitars that guest stars a very unique guest, Vandana Shiva, from India, known for her Alternative Nobel Prize.

She closes the musical compilation with a phrase that defines the overall intention and the wakeup call that is being made through these songs: “The Amazon is the heart of diversity in the world”.

The cover artwork which includes a beautiful rendition of a jaguar’s face, by the Colombian urban artist known as “Guche”, and its’ additional booklet that includes astonishing work and photographs of the Amazon surroundings, gives the finishing touches to what could be the best album of Doctor Krapula’s career. The album was mixed by Francisco “Kiko” Castro and mastered by Camilo Silva. It was almost produced in its entirety by Krapula’s band members, reflecting a vast experience in recording studios that has allowed them to achieve a truly astounding sound. In this production, there is a sum of values, lead by years of work and followed by the unified voice of several singers that- in one way or another- have also expressed in their art, the need for a better world starting from the respect for ecological and environmental values of our planet. Musically, “Ama-Zonas” is a explosion of sound that with a great spontaneity, allows each guest to feel, from the listeners perspective, in abysmal comfort. This is an album that is simple but effective, dense but clean and definitely leaves a message that will not go unheard.