Artist FUEGO’s Highly Anticipated Song WIth J Balvin Will Be Optimized and Monetized On YouTube By AdShare

"Artist FUEGO’s Highly Anticipated Song WIth J Balvin Will Be Optimized and Monetized On YouTube By AdShare"
Two months ago, J Balvin started teasing about it to his fan base via Snapchat. FUEGO andBalvin continued to tease by showcasing the song at the recently concluded Latin Billboard Conference. Now FUEGO seems primed to own the airwaves this summer with his music video for “35 Pa Las 12”.
FUEGO and J Balvin 
The fun started with FUEGO’s release of “Fireboy Forever 2”, which brought FUEGO straight into HIP HOP. The track was already a standout, with the energized Billboard performance highlighting FUEGO’s songwriting prowess with Balvin’s romantic reggaeton. The result is a highly anticipated song that is sure to propel FUEGO to the top of Billboard’s summertime music chart.
“35 PA LAS 12”
“35 Pa Las 12” is a simple song about high expectations. A man fantasizes about meeting a woman at midnight to celebrate with some drinks and hookah. The possibilities are endless, because, as the chorus repeats, it’s still 35 minutes to midnight.
About FUEGO 
FUEGO is a singer/songwriter and founder of his record label Fireboy Music, currently signed to Famous Artist Music/Mr. 305.
AdShare Optimization 
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