Artista Rosario a new star emerges in the Latin urban genre

"Artista Rosario a new star emerges in the Latin urban genre"

Artist Rosario infiltrates the Latin music industry with his debut single “Puedo Prometerte” (I Can Promise You), which has been playing on radio stations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico as of a few weeks ago. An original composition by Artist Rosario, the song is an explosive mix of contemporary urban rhythms that mark one of several musical styles he has mastered. The single is part of the album ‘Teatro de la Mente’ (Theater of the Mind) which is due out this year.

Artista Rosario, whose real name is Ricardo G. Fabregas Diaz, is the most promising artist coming out of Puerto Rico. Despite the adversities he faced as a child, Artista Rosario managed to find his way into the unsparing music industry. He has participated in numerous festivals and events in various cities across the U.S. and Puerto Rico sharing the stage with artists like Alexis y Fido, Luis Fonsi, Sie7e, Yaga y Mackie, Johan and O’Neill, Baby Rasta y Gringo, Alex Kyza, and Martell “The multi-talented,” among others.
Growing up in different cities in the U.S. and Puerto Rico with a very unstable childhood, Artist Rosario learned to channel his difficulties through writing music. Influenced by different musical styles and artists, ranging from Salsa of artists such as Héctor Lavoe, Frankie Ruiz, and Marc Anthony to Hip-Hop from artists such as Jay-Z, this young composer created his own style by mixing rhythms and musical genres with an ability to write powerful lyrics. His unique sound and style has been influenced by his life experiences, the places he has visited, and different cultures.
Artista Rosario has established himself as a talented bilingual singer and songwriter in the Latin music industry. Besides the launch of his new album, he has a few surprises and collaborations with other artists who have sought out his musical talents.