Bachata Blues singer EUNEL releases “Te Amo y Te Odio”

"Bachata Blues singer EUNEL releases “Te Amo y Te Odio”"


Bachata Blues singer EUNEL releases “Te Amo y Te Odio”

“Da Vinci sin su Mona Lisa

Una canción sin un artista

Como Cortes sin su conquista

Un piano sin su melodia”

Inspired by the metaphoric style of his idol Ricardo Arjona, EUNEL releases his newest Bachata track called “Te Amo y Te Odio” (I love you and I hate you) as he prepares for a new artistic venture with EQS Management, all in the same month.

The new single is released under the King of Aces label and follows EUNEL’s previous songs “Se Te Nota””and “Cortame las Venas” – all Bachata Blues tracks about love and heart-break.

Still recognized by his fans as “EUNEL from Nueva Era”, his solo career has been nothing but promising, as a composer and as an artist. EUNEL has not stopped grinding his passion for over a decade with several award nominations, celebrity duets, albums sold worldwide, studio collaborations and non-stop single releases!

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